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 The innovative design of the  ACRYLITE® Soundstop SilentView Noise Barrier allows incoming noise to be reflected upward towards the horizontal noise absorbing part of the element.


Superior Transparent Noise Barriers LLC offers innovative, lightweight soundwalls expertly designed for noise control along roads and railways, wind barriers on bridges and impact resistant glazing for pedestrian bridges and greenways.


At Superior, our name defines more than our products, it extends to our experienced and efficient team. We believe it should be easy to do business. Call us, we pick up the phone. Ask a question, we will get you the answer in a timely fashion. When we schedule a delivery, all materials will be on-time and on-spec. We are able to do this because we are singularly focused and dedicated to transparent noise barriers. 


The Superior team consists of the most experienced transparent noise barrier personnel in North America and our team members have been responsible for – or involved with – nearly every transparent noise barrier application in North America to date.


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ACRYLITE® Soundstop SilentView Noise Barrier 

ACRYLITE® Soundstop SilentView Noise Barrier is a transparent noise absorbing system consisting of an aluminum frame and a 30º angled transparent ACRYLITE® Soundstop sheet. This innovative design allows incoming noise to be reflected upward towards the horizontal noise absorbing part of the element. ACRYLITE® Soundstop SilentView is suitable for highways, high speed railways, and of course any other noise barrier installation. This newly developed system perfectly combines the desired transparency with the absorbing properties of a noise protection element. 

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SUPERIOR Transparent Noise Barrier Panels

Superior panels have the highest clarity and durability against sun and weather exposure.  Available in clear colorless, matte finish and a variety of colors we have the panels to meet your project aesthetic and engineering requirements.

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SUPERIOR Structure Mounted Noise Barriers

Designed to combine the Superior aesthetics, fragment retention and long-term durability of our transparent panels with an ultra-lightweight system to minimize dead loads. This system has been used on everything from major bridge projects such as the New Tappan Zee Bridge to smaller pedestrian bridges. Our designers can tailor this system to meet your specific project requirements.

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SUPERIOR Framed Fit Noise Barriers

A Framed-Fit system that allows Superior transparent panels to be used in conjunction with virtually any post and panel noise barrier system. Use Superior Framed-Fit panels exactly where you need them, whether full bays the entire length of the wall, for a section of the wall or as the top panel in each bay the Framed-Fit system allows you to install the Superior Transparent Panels exactly where you need them.  In most cases the Framed-Fit panels can be used with no modification to the opaque panels (precast, absorptive, etc.) or the existing post design.

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Superior products are recyclable or made from recycled materials.

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